Plunge/King Post Piles

King Post Piles

Made up of king posts and infill panels, are often used when hard ground conditions dictate, to offer a cost effective earth retention system, used as either a permanent or temporary solution.

King Post Walls may be used for many different retention applications and heights in a variety of ground conditions and are ideally suited to hard driving in difficult ground conditions, including rock. Applications can include basements, embankment retention and flood defence walls.

MEC Piling operate powerful double rotary head piling rigs which can be used to bore most soil and rock types. They are particularly practical in situations where a wall is to be installed from the lower level, avoiding forming a high level piling mat.

Our King Post Walls are designed to all relevant standards.

Plunge Post Piles

Plunge post piles are typically bored cast insitu piles with individual plunged I/H sections into a reinforcement cage whereby the pile is cast to the top of the reinforcement cage leaving the plunge section projecting free of concrete thereafter.

This system is typically used for ‘top down’ method of basement construction.

The advantage of this system is to facilitate multi-tier top down construction whereby the plunge post can be post clad in the permanent works or alternatively removed once permanent columns have been cast. It also enables the cast insitu concrete of the pile to act as temporary works support for the lower basement slab whilst still maintaining the support to the basement slab.